Laith Salma

Laith Salma is not originally from the United States. In what is indeed a thrilling story, Salma was originally born in Saudi Arabia, the son of a wealthy businessman and his wife. Living in Riyadh, he was given private tutelage, and he excelled in the teaching to such a degree that he earned his diploma at the age of 14.

At such a young age, he could have done just about anything that he wanted. But the thing he wanted the most was to continue to learn. He applied to many different schools, both in Saudi Arabia and abroad, before finally deciding on Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

It would be understandable if he had failed. He was only 14 when he entered, and nobody would blame him for at least becoming homesick and going back to clear his head. But that didn’t happen. Rather, he excelled in his studies, achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science in four years. After that was four more years of medical school.

Following that, and a successful internship at Sacred Heart Training Hospital, Laith Salma has been made a physician in residence. He hopes to be a physician in attendance before the year is through.
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